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For more than 10 years, this Loca Latina has been aiming for audiences' funny bone with a straight shooter approach. Drawing on personal experiences, her brand of comedy is relatable because truth is stranger (and funnier) than fiction! Outside of entertainment, Madame Bullet is a Certified Wix and IONOS Webmaster. Originally these skills were only meant to be used for BTB's operations. But the pandemic changed the face of entertainment. Broadway went dark. There were no more performances. Remote work became the only option for BTB to survive. She decided to shift her focus from entertainment to the tech industry. During that time she saw other small businesses struggling. Paying high operating costs, unsure how to use social media, difficulty keeping track of inventory, disorganized living and work spaces. It can all be overwhelming. With all that in mind, Madame Bullet wanted to reshape her own business, designed specifically for struggling entrepreneurs. BTB was born out of necessity but created with ingenuity. Helping others is the driving force behind what she does. She figured out how to bring the all the pieces of the puzzle together for anyone trying to start a business, build a brand or get their metaphorical (and literal) "house in order".


Bite The Bullet Entertainment was originally opened as an agency for comedians, musicians and actors. Since our inception in 2015, we have expanded beyond the entertainment industry, to offer 20+ professional services for individuals, small business and non-profit organizations.


Working on set at the original 

BronxNet Television Studio

for a Peace Marathon

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 8.11_edited.jpg

"Shots Fired"

So who are you ridin’ out with during a 

Zombie Apocalypse??  LOL

“SHOT” on location at Sunset Hill Firing range in the great state of Pennsylvania

Philanthropic Endeavors
Because Doing Good Feels Good 



Part of our mission is to pay it forward. We wanted to give back to our community in a meaningful way

so we created the BTB Cares Foundation.

BTB CARES provides life saving medicine,

healthcare products, clothing and food to those

who are ineligible for government assistance.

To get supplies or assistance click the button to send a request. Be sure to include your full name, home address (if applicable), email address, phone number and a short description your request.



Every season we team up with other small businesses and organizations to raise awareness for worthy causes. We coordinate food, clothing & toy drives. We also produce fundraising events and raffles.

"This angel came to the rescue of my family. She came thru in the biggest way possible as you can see in this pic. I'm asking God to pay you back not just once but multiple times because of what you are doing; not everyone can. Thank You a Million times Madame Bullet & BTB Cares"

- @Makina13dr via Instagram

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